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Simulation Test Solution for Powertrain System

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Nowadays,although new energy electric drive technology is developing rapidly, 48 V and other hybrid system, traditional commercial vehicles, and special industries such as motorcycle, agricultural machinery, and construction machinery are still widely using of engine and transmission technology. In these technical fields, it is still very necessary to have independent development, testing and verification capabilities for engines and transmissions.Hirain has more than ten years of experience in the development of HIL simulation equipment for powertrain system, and can provide users with complete simulation test solutions.



Simulation test of engine management system

  •  Application field

   Engine system simulation for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, drones, ships and other industries.

   Development and test verification of traditional engine control systems such as gasoline engines, diesel engines, and gas engines.

   Simulation of various supercharging systems such as natural aspiration, mechanical supercharging, turbocharging, electric supercharging, multi-stage supercharging, VTG, etc.

   Simulation of engine electronic injection systems such as manifold injection, high pressure common rail, and in-cylinder direct injection.
    Simulation of post-processing systems such as TWC, GPF, DPF, DOC, SCR, etc.

   Verification of emission regulations in different countries such as China IV, China V, and China VI.

  • Features

   Provide engine simulation models based on different modeling methods,such as table-lookup , mean value calculation,thermodynamic, performance prediction, etc.
   Support engine control system functional test, such as diagnosis, communication, and control algorithm . It can further support virtual calibration test by matching more complex simulation models.
   Support various actuator driving test,such as engine fuel injection, ignition, ETC, VTG, VVT, EGR, WG and CPV.
   Support the dynamic simulation test of sensor signals such as the crank, cam signal (magnetoelectric, Hall), knock, oxygen, temperature and pressure at different positions of intake and exhaust.
   Support engine closed-loop control simulation tests,such as start, idle speed, acceleration and deceleration, limp, torque adjustment, shutdown, supercharging, EGR, lambda and so on.



Transmission system simulation test

  • Application field

   Simulation verification of transmission control for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and special vehicles.

   Simulation of agricultural tractors, construction machinery excavators, pumping trucks, etc.

   Simulation of various gearbox structures such as DCT, AMT, AT, CVT, etc.

   Parallel shaft system and planetary gear system simulation.

   Pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and other automatic execution system simulation.

  • Features

   Three important model libraries, including mechanical simulation library, hydraulic simulation library and pneumatic simulation library.
   Various actuator models, such as pumps, motors, solenoid valves, slide valves, cylinders/hydraulic cylinders, etc. 

   Support co-simulation of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

   Actuator execution failure simulation,such as solenoid valves, relays, or motors fail to operate.

   Functional test of control system,including communication, diagnosis, closed-loop control, etc.


Success case
Hirain has more than 100 projects experience in engine and gearbox HIL development and implementation. In the automotive industry, hirain has participated in testing the control systems of many manufacturers, such as Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Cummins, ZF, Aisin, Fast, Qingshan, Weichai, Yuchai, Xichai, Pan Asia, FAW, SAIC, Changan, DFM, etc. In the agricultural and construction machinery industries, hirain has a good cooperative relationship with YTO, XCMG, SANY, LIUGONG and so on, and has accumulated many simulation project cases such as powertrain and operation control.


Simulation Test Solution for Powertrain System
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