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— 企业愿景 —


   Vision and Objectives

   HiRain is committed to becoming a
• world-class comprehensive electronic system technology service provider
• intelligent networked vehicle full stack solution supplier
• high level intelligent driving MaaS solution leader




    Development Strategies

  • Professional Focus: Deeply cultivating the electronic system field, we aim to integrate the multi-disciplinary professional technology required by the industry. With an in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign partners with our electronic system business, we would like to jointly create product solutions for customers, giving full play to synergy and quickly seizing the market share.


  • Technology Leadership: Always keeping up with the pace of technological innovation in the automotive electronics industry, we actively deploy and promote the industrialization of new technologies, so that we could earn the new opportunity in the evolution process of automotive EEA.
  • Platform Development: We focus on the accumulation of common platform technology which fully enables our business development and further improves our R & D and production efficiency.

corporate culture concept

Tap the potential of employees to realize the company’s  value

• The company has the responsibility to help employees realize their potential and value to live a better life;

• Employees are obliged to care about the overall interests of the company and promote a healthy development of the company.


Provide high value-added products and services


•  Long term successful cooperation with our customers;
•  Compensate dissatisfied customers at any time;
• Customers are our chance to survive;
• We follow the market, but we are not afraid to follow our vision

Adhere to correct principles and do favorable business


•  In all relationships, we adhere to mutual trust, respect and honesty;

• The management is the public servant of everyone;

• Make long-term plans;

• Better troops and simpler administration.

Team work

  • Teamwork is us, not me!
• We communicate openly; Everyone understands each other; 
Everyone could involve in the management of the company.


Pursuit of excellence

• We are proud of what we have done;
• We are proud of our team, technology and culture;
•We encourage outstanding and innovative work.