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Simulation Test Solution for Chassis Electronic Control System

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As an important part of the electronic and electrical system of the vehicle, the chassis electronic control system can not only improve the comfort but also the safety of driving. It is a crucial part of the realization of the active safety function of the car; Especially on vehicles with intelligent driving functions, the chassis electronic control system is a key executive component, which sets higher requirements for its reliability and safety, and its functional safety level usually reaches ASIL-D; So for the chassis electronic control system, the efficiency and reliability of testing method is particularly necessary. HiRain Technologies inherited many years of HIL system development  experience and launched a new solution to meet the HIL simulation test of the chassis electronic control system of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.


Steering system HIL test solution


        As shown in the figure above, HiRain Technologies can provide different levels of steering system test solutions, which are applied to the testing of different product development stages. The following are several solutions commonly used in actual projects:

  • Power-assisted-Motor in loop Solution: Including the tested EPS motor, load motor and torque sensor

  • Steering Column in loop Solution

Contains the real steering column assembly, one motor is used to control the input of hand torque, and the other motor is used as the output of the load torque. At the same time, it collects and monitors the hand torque and the column load torque. 

  •  Steering System in loop Solution 

The solution contains the entire steering mechanism, which can be loaded on the rack, loaded unilaterally or bilaterally. The steering wheel can be replaced by a motor.


Braking System HIL Test Solution

The braking system includes three controllers: ESP, iBooster, and EPB. Based on the above three controllers, HiRain Technologies provides a new overall test solution, including HIL test solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

  • Hydraulic Brake System Bench for passenger car

Features of the solution:
    Contains real hydraulic pipelines, which can be integrated with ibooster and EPB controllers, and can also be used in the braking system of vacuum boosters
    Electric cylinder can be used to realize the automatic test of the brake pedal input
    Real-time pressure monitoring of the main cylinder and wheel cylinder 
    Can be perform subjective evaluation on the basis of manual test

  • Commercial Vehicle Pneumatic Bench

Features of the solution:
    Integrate real pneumatic brake system components
    Can add a trailer braking system
    Can test the influence of pneumatic pipeline on braking
    Real-time monitoring and display of pipeline air pressure value
    Freely switch between automatic and manual test modes
    Can simulate yaw sensor
    Integrated air source device

Simulation Test Solution for Chassis Electronic Control System
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