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Intelligent Driving Simulation Test Solution

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Simulation test verification, as a very important procedure in the development process of intelligent driving system, can solve the problems of low efficiency of real vehicle test, high risk of some working conditions, high cost of real vehicle test, and unreproducible working conditions during the test process of intelligent driving system. The intelligent driving concept covers the traditional advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) and fully automatic driving system (AD). Generally, it includes three parts: environment perception, intelligent decision-making, and vehicle control. The new generation of intelligent driving HIL simulation test platform launched by HiRain Technologies can provide realistic road traffic scenes, high-precision vehicle dynamics model and various types of sensor simulation, which can meet the simulation test requirements of intelligent driving system from L1 to L5. Users can establish various of intelligent driving test scenarios on this platform to run adequate and efficient tests on perception, decision-making, and vehicle control.



Product Features

  • Super powerful real-time simulation system:a) capable of running multiple intelligent driving vehicles controlled by respective   decision-making algorithms, realizing multi-vehicle in the loop, b) providing powerful CPU shielding function, reducing calculation jitter, and Ten-microsecond data delay, c) installed with a Graphics card, realize the scene rendering and dynamic co-simulation with low latency and high stability.
  • Modular and expandable video injection system: a) supports multi-channel camera video simulation, 4k resolution per channel, b) supports high complexity chips such as EyeQ3\4, and serializing chips such as Maxim, TI, and ROHM, with data transmission mechanism such as DVP, GMSL, MIPI, FPDlink3, etc. c) supports adjusting resolution, embed data, IIC, color space and color failure injection, d) reserving the video observing port, e)easy installation and movement.
  • Provides the industry's advanced radar simulator system: a) the closest distance can reach 1.8m, b) the signal bandwidth can reach 5GHz, cover millimeter wave radar test conditions, c) providing multi-radar simulator cascade solution to support the 5R1V test requirements.
  • Provides a comprehensive lidar model library, supporting lidar simulations of manufacturers including Velodyne,IBEO, RoboSense, and Hesai etc.
  • Seamless integration of VTD, an scenario simulation platform for advanced autonomous driving.
  • Supports HD map simulation: a) import the HD map to the simulation environment, b) customize the simulation map and transform to HD map compatible format for HD map compilation.
  • Flexible MIL/HIL/VIL/DIL switching and support capabilities, more than 90 project delivered to more than 50 customers.


Product Composition

  • Real-time Computing Platform TESTBASE

    Based on a new generation of high-performance real-time computing platform
   Brand-new TESTBASE family appearance design, highlighting simple, high-class technology fashion


  • Multi-Sensor Simulation System

   Provides ideal environment sensing sensor models for various sensors, and directly outputs target-level information, including information such as the type, location, and speed of traffic objects, road-related information, traffic sign information, etc.
   Supports raw signal simulation of multiple sensors, such as: camera video injection, lidar point cloud simulation, ultrasonic radar hardwire signal simulation.
   Supports physical-level simulation of multiple sensors, such as: camera video black box, millimeter wave radar echo simulation, ultrasonic radar echo simulation.
  Supports LMU (location unit, including high-precision map) simulation, supports forward and reverse conversion between OpenDrive map and high-precision map, supports positioning simulation.


  • Advanced Automatic Driving Scenario Simulation Software

    Road Simulation

    Traffic Simulation

    Environment Simulation


  • Complex Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Software

  vehicle dynamics model with 29 degrees of freedom, including body, 3D aerodynamics, suspension system, steering system, braking system, power transmission system, tires and other models
   Supports ECU-in-loop test of brake, steering and suspension system
   Supports Windows mode, Simulink mode, HIL mode (support Concurrent, NI platform, QNX platform)


Typical Applications

  • Vehicle-in-the-loop Simulation Test Case


  • AVP Parking Test Case


  • Digital Scene Reconstruction


  • Comprehensive City Simulation Scene


Intelligent Driving Simulation Test Solution
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