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Service-oriented automotive E/E architecture (SOA) consulting services

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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a software development paradigm introduced from traditional IT to the automotive industry. As an advanced vehicle E/E architecture development method, it has been highly regarded by domestic and foreign OEMs since first focused. In SOA, applications are connected through different functional units, known as Services, which can ensure the stability of vehicle software architecture while function upgrading, improve the agility of business organizations, and reduce the cost of enterprise R&D and maintenance. At the same time, the services under SOA architecture are highly reusable, which can realize rapid iteration and vehicle upgrade through service orchestration, so as to reduce the vehicle development cycle and provide users with continuous value-added services.
Complex basic technologies are required to realize SOA. With the centralization of vehicle hardware resources and the deployment of high-speed communication technologies such as in-vehicle Ethernet, the deployment of SOA in the vehicle becomes possible. At present, domestic and foreign OEMs have gradually launched SOA technology pre-research, and some leading OEMs have started the development of mass-produced SOA models. As a new trend in the development of vehicle E/E architecture, SOA will be a hot spot for industry technology research and market layout for a long time.

Hirain Technologies has been committed to providing advanced electronic and electrical architecture solutions for many years. In recent years, Hirain has taken the lead in developing the technology research and development and business layout of vehicle SOA in China. Hirain leads or participates in the research and development of a variety of mass-produced SOA models, and also accumulates rich experience in SOA architecture design. Hirain can provide customers with SOA architecture design and development consulting services:

  • SOA Feature and scenario definition
  • Service-oriented EE function requirement analysis
  • Service-oriented EE function design
  • Service definition and service interface design
  • Vehicle service orchestration design
  • Vehicle service deployment plan design
  • Vehicle service requirement specification design
  • Service-oriented communication design and database development
  • Service interface test
  • Service-oriented communication test
  • Service-oriented system test
  • SOA development methodology training


Figure:Typical SOA architecture development process

Figure:Typical SOA layering Architecture

Service advantage

  • More than 11 years of experience in E/E architecture development
  • E/E architecture development cases for more than 30 vehicle types
  • A professional E/E architecture development team of more than 100 engineers
  • A variety of SOA architecture mass-produced model cases
  • Professional technical teams such as functional safety, information safety, and in-vehicle Ethernet
  • Rich experience in engineering consulting services
  • Rich experience in ECU development
Service-oriented automotive E/E architecture (SOA) consulting services
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