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Vehicle Bus Analyzer tool-VBA

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VBA(Vehicle Bus Analyzer)is a powerful  and easy-to-use tool for testing, simulating, and analyzing vehicle bus communication data with multiple protocols including CAN,CAN FD, Ethernet and LIN. It supports data observation and analysis, node simulation, message sending, bus load statistics, data replay, fault diagnosis, script simulation and visual panel design. 




  • High reliability: Long-time running at a high load without data losses
  • Easy to use: New users can get started in ten minutes by the detail tutorials
  • Strong compatibility: Support reading and writing data file according with standard criterion, supported file formats include ASC, BLF, DBC, LDF, ARXML and ODX
  • Strong expansibility: Support creating simulation script in Python, which has the very strong extension and the flexibility
  • Multichannel support: Support communication with multiple hardware. Each hardware support 6 CAN channels, 4 CANFD channels and 2 LIN channels
  • Automatic driving support: Support data acquiring and analyzing for laser radar, GPS and video
  • Excellent technical support: Providing most professional and just-in-time technical consults and services



  • Hardware Supported 


  • Data Observation and Analysis

  Trace Window : Display and record all bus messages or error frame. Support filtering, sorting, searching, importing, exporting, displaying the relative/absolute time and displaying hex/decimal data for messages.
   Graphic Window : Display values transmitted for variables including signal variables, cycle variables and system variables in real time. Support measuring the time span between two points, displaying variables in multi-axis mode and setting a variety of display styles.
   Logger Window : Log messages into general log files with format ASC and BLF.
   Signal Window : Display sending and receiving times and timestamp for the specified signal in real time. Support setting signal value range and exporting the reports.
   Bus Statistics : Display bus load statistics in real time,e.g. bus load on channel and frame levels, counter/rate for frames and errors.
   Video data record : Support recording of up to 8 camera data through USB connection or network connection.
   GPS data record : Record GPS and bus data, display the longitude, latitude, altitude and position information of the vehicle in real time, update the vehicle position and display the vehicle track on the navigation map in real time.


  • Database creation and editing : Support the creation and editing of DBC / LDF database


  • ECU Simulation : VBA provides multiple message sending modes such as periodic sending, key triggering and event triggering, and supports Lin master-slave node simulation and scheduling table simulation. In addition, It also supports script programming and visual panel to meet the complex simulation needs of users.  

   Script programming : Users can simulate complex interaction logic of multiple ECUs by script programming, so as to realize the virtual simulation of the whole network or some nodes. The software provides rich encapsulation of event functions and system functions for users. In addition, users can realize more complex functions by importing third-party open source library.

   Panel: VBA supports the creation of graphical panels. Users can customize and build personalized interactive interfaces to observe and set value of variables. Panel provides many types of built-in controls to choose from, such as instrument dial, knob, text, slider, drop-down box, picture and progress bar.

   Fault Diagnosis : Support fault diagnosis based on ODX / PDX,  ISO 15765 parameter configuration   such as STMIN, P2, P2 *, security authentication algorithm file configuration, physical addressing and function addressing sending configuration, and one click reading and analysis of vehicle fault codes.

  • Replay

  Offline Replay : Support analysis of recorded bus data files without connecting VCI hardware. The replay speed and starting position are settable.
  Inline Replay : Support analysis of recorded bus data files with connecting VCI hardware in online mode to reproduce and analyze the problems encountered in the test process.

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