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Diagnostic Programming System - DPS

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INTEWORK-DPS(Diagnostic Programming System) is used for flashing one or multiple ECUs of the vehicle. As the automotive industry getting more and more agile, single-purpose program flashing tools cannot meet the needs of the vehicle development and vehicle after-sale. Generality, flexibility, usability, and hardware compatibility become the standard of diagnostic programming tools. Therefore, based on those needs,JINGWEI Hirain develops ECU Flashing Tool- INTEWORK-DPS. DPS provides an all-in-one platform supporting the loading of ECU flashing procedure dll and security algorithm dll, at the same time ,it has authority management, flashing option configuration, and unified flashing.



Key Features

  • Easy operating. Separated configuration and flashing to simplify flashing procedure
  • Authority management. Provide different modes of authorizing based on time and functions
  • Expandability. Supporting customize Bootloader download
  • Supporting parsing different data format including S19, Hex, Bin, Mot, and more
  • Flexible flashing. Supporting one or more ECU consecutive flashing of the vehicle
  • Flashing visualization. Supporting data tracing, flashing procedure, and progress monitoring
  • Support CAN/CANFD/Ethernet communication
  • Support different hardware, including Vector, TESTBASE-VCI, Intrepid, ZLG, PCAN, and more




  • Authority Management

   Administrator version can authorize user version with time, functionalities, and devices
   User version needs to use hardware collection software to collect computer hardware information. Then the license is generated by the authorized software Only after import the license, the software can be used normally including data flashing and reading vehicle DID information
   The license authorization of Supplier version is as the same to user version, which requires license to use controller configuration for data flashing


  • Refresh Configuration

   Support configuring controller flashing parameters, including Baud, functional addressing ID, physical addressing ID, response ID, and more
   Support configuring controller files, including driver file, app file, security algorithm file, flashing procedure file, CRC fileand more
    Can pack all the flashing data to one package and perform integrated flashing for vehicle


  • Program Flashing

   Software imports vehicle flashing configuration, it cananalyze and display the corresponding information
   Support selection of configurations. Multiple configurations can be selected to perform consecutive flashing to one or multiple controllers
   Each configuration supports flashing multiple programs. If the program is made up with multiple files, users can choose one or multiple files to flash

  Flashing progress information, include progress percentage, time remaining, and communication log, is shown during flashing for easy monitoring. Communication log can help spot the result and error of each flashing step.


  • Tracing and Monitoring

   Tracing and monitoring the bus during flashing
   Can set keywords for cleaner data tracing
   Tracing data can be exported and saved as ASC format files for VBA, CANoe and other tools to trace back


  • DID Reading

   Provide ECU DID information such as VIN, serial number, Bootloader version, supplier code, and more in the ECU information panel
   DID and analysis rules can be customized based on the manufacturer
   Read data can be saved into Excel files for each recording of the controller status information

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