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Test Project Administrator— TPA

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INTEWORK--TPA(Test Project Administrator)is an integrated test project management tool, which can manage all data in the test process, Including requirements , test cases, test samples, tasks, reports and bugs; Traditional management methods are generally based on multiple software, mostly based on the management of a single process, lacking rigorous management ideas and process tracking. As an integrated solution of test project management, TPA pays more attention to the management of test project process and effectively tracks and covers each process in a set of system.



Product introduction

  • Test requirements management

The project management of TPA takes requirements as the core and supports the viewing of requirements based statistical information. Such as requirements coverage, implementation of corresponding test cases and bugs caused by corresponding test cases.

   Support the import of third-party tool test requirements
   Support version management and baseline management of requirements
   Support the correlation between test requirements and test cases, plans, bugs and reports
   Powerful data statistics function


  • Test plan management

Each test plan can specify information such as start time, end time, person in charge and test cases to be executed. At the same time, TPA provides perfect statistical functions. So that project managers can visually view the implementation status of project plans, help users reduce cumbersome statistical work and devote more energy to project management.

   Support the establishment of test case development plan and test case execution plan
   Support tracking the completion of different types of test plans
   Supports importing automatic test plans into TAE for execution
   Support manual test plan export


  • Test case management

Test cases are managed hierarchically by creating packages at different levels or directly inheriting the hierarchy in the requirements management module. The tree structure and test case information in this module can be directly imported into TAE software for the construction of subsequent test sequences.

  The test case management of tree hierarchical structure can be divided into three levels: project, package and test case. It supports LTC / CTC structure and effectively reduces the number of test cases
  The variables in the test cases are unified from the variable management module to ensure the consistency of variables
  Support the tracking and coverage analysis of test requirements by test cases
  Unified variable and variable value management
  Support automatic replacement of referenced test cases when updating variables and values


  • Test sample management

Generally, the test samples are gradually upgraded and changed during the test process, and the test results of the same test case running under different test samples may be different.  In order to ensure the accuracy and correspondence of the test results of the specified samples, TPA provides the function of test sample management, and the information of the test samples will be completely saved in the test report.

   Unified management of test samples
   Support the association management of test plans, test reports, bugs and test samples
   Provide statistical function based on test samples


  • Test reports management

Users can upload manual (real vehicle, bench, etc.) test reports and automatic test reports to TPA for unified management. And TPA support the statistics and analysis of test results and test case execution based on existing test reports. All test reports support online viewing and export.

  Support manual report and automatic report upload, view and download
  Support statistics based on test report
  Support test coverage statistics of test cases


  • Bugs management

Bug is the core output of the whole testing activity. Bug generation and closure is the process of finding and solving problems in testing activities. TPA provides a perfect bugs management module, which is associated with the requirements, test cases and other management module data.

  Support the entry and export of software bugs
  Support the correlation between bugs and requirements, test cases and reports
  Bug statistics of various dimensions are supported
  Support customization of problem attributes and processes

Test Project Administrator— TPA
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