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General Test Case Execution Software: INTEWORK-TAE

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Test Automation Executor (TAE for short) is a universal test case execution software, that compatible with different simulation systems. At the same time, it has a series of functions related to ECU test, such as fault injection, calibration, measurement, diagnosis, model in-loop testing (MIL). TAE can be seamlessly integrated with TPA test project management software. The test project data formulated in TPA can be easily imported into TAE as top-level input. The automatic test report in TAE can also be uploaded into TPA for statistic and analysis of test implementation.



Product function

  • Rich test component library

As an integrated development environment for automated test cases, TAE graphically modeled the statements and system functions of common programming languages, and provided many fast ways to assist users to configure component attributes, such as expression writing, curve configuration, etc.

    Sequence Framework Class Components, such as Sequence Framework, Function Body
    Process control class components, such as if, else, while
    HIL class components, based on ASAM HIL API standard, support a variety of simulators
    Diagnostic class components, based on SAE J2534 standard, support a variety of hardware interface cards
    Calibration measurement components, based on ASAM MCD3 standard, support a variety of calibration measurement tools
    MATLAB components to support automated testing of model in loop (MIL)
    Vector components, support CANoe, CANscope, CANstress and other Vector tools


  • Convenient test case construction method

TAE provides a graphical sequence editor for building automated test sequences. With very low learning cost, users can build automatic test sequences efficiently by dragging and dropping. At the same time, TAE provides support for Python scripts, which facilitates users to process complex data.

    Graphical test cases
    Build test cases based on drag-and-drop method
    Supporting Python Language to Develop Custom Components and Build Test Cases
    Support static compilation and grammar checking in use case development phase to reduce debugging workload
    Support offline development and debugging of test cases
    Supporting monitoring of test case execution process and running results


  • High test case reuse

If a test step is reused by other test sequences, it can be encapsulated as a user library. With the development of test projects, the content of user libraries will become more and more abundant, which will greatly improve the efficiency of test sequence development. User libraries can be edited separately and synchronized to all test sequences that use them.

   Supports user-defined use case libraries and one-click updates of library files to reference files
    Introduce LTC CTC mechanism, reuse the same logical test case in actual use case, reduce the number of test case development
    Separating test case variables from models, signal lists and ECU signals can effectively ensure the reuse of test cases in different hardware and model environments


  • Flexible Test Engineering and Planning Management

When executing test cases, a test plan containing test cases can be established to automatically execute a series of test cases without any intervention. The test plan can configure the execution order and number of times of any test case.

   Unified management of test projects, including test plans, test cases, test reports, test equipment
    Supports configuring the execution order, number and scope of one or more test cases


  • Customizable test reports

TAE can automatically generate report documents based on test results. The test report begins with statistical information based on test results. Users can choose to generate detailed test reports, but also can generate a clear overview of the test report. In addition, the content structure of the test report can be customized as needed.

   Support automatic generation of test reports
   Support for customization of test report style
   Support for generating test reports in HTML, PDF and other formats


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General Test Case Execution Software: INTEWORK-TAE
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