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Automotive Ethernet Test Suite INTEWORK-TAE AETP

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Committed to the Automotive Ethernet ECU protocol conformance test, HiRain Technologies independently developed the automatic test suite AETP (Automotive Ethernet Test Package). AETP belongs to HiRain Technologies  product-line  INTEWORK and is developed on the self-developed test software INTEWORK-TAE.


AETP Menu and Features


Comprehensive Automotive Ethernet Lightweight Test Tool

        AETP currently covers the following contents of Automotive Ethernet test, which can be divided into TC8 ECU Test and OEM custom test (Diagnosis, AVB and system communication test) :


  AETP Roadmap


The layer 3-7 test of AETP does not require the complex hardware (except gateway routing test), which avoids the inconvenient movement of external test equipment and reduces the cost. TC8 100M / Gigabit physical layer IOP test shall be used in conjunction with the test equipment TESTBASE-EIOP developed by HiRain Technologies.

The test system consists of PC, converter (general converter), AETP  test suite and cable. The PC is equipped with AETP test suite, which calls the wired network card of the PC to send and receive data. The physical layer protocol conversion of 100 / 1000base-t1 between PC and DUT is realized through converter.

AETP Topology


Convenient test execution

TC8 and other test specifications define a large number of test input parameters. It is necessary to fully understand the test cases in order to clarify the case and configuration. Based on rich testing experience, HiRain developers optimize the test parameter configuration and effectively reduce the test difficulty.


Test Parameter Configuration Interface


To finish the test ,user only need to input the parameter, select and run a test case or a test case group . After automatic test operation, the system will generate a test report.


Rich results display

Test reports can be generated in a variety of formats. AETP test report details the expected results and actual results of each test step. If a test case fails, the test report can clearly judge the result of the test case and the reason for the failure, so as to help testers quickly identify the test result.


AETP Test Report

Automotive Ethernet Test Suite INTEWORK-TAE AETP
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