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The network automation test system

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Software testing is an important means to control software quality. The quality of software will determine the fate of the enterprise in the market. To ensure the quality of software products, software testing, especially automated testing, has attracted more and more attention.
The network automation test system TESTBASE-NAT (Network Automation Test) integrates professional test equipment, provides a wealth of test cases, has test management functions, and supports component-level and system-level network automation tests. The system has the characteristics of wide test coverage, high execution efficiency, simple operation, good versatility, etc., which can greatly reduce labor input and improve test quality. The system is widely used in CAN/CANFD/LIN/FlexRay/Ethernet bus testing in the automotive field.


Service Content
A network automated test system usually consists of a network protocol automated test cabinet, a diagnostic and signal consistency automated test cabinet, a system integration test bench, and test management and test execution software.




The system supports the following test content

  • CAN/CANFD physical test
  • CAN/CANFD data link layer test
  • CAN/CANFD interaction layer test
  • OSEK/AUTOSAR network management test
  • Network related fault test
  • UDS diagnostic protocol test
  • Bus signal consistency test
  • LIN physical layer test
  • LIN data link layer test
  • LIN schedule test
  • LIN network management test
  • Diagnostic data consistency test
  • FlexRay protocol conformance test
  • Ethernet physical layer test
  • Ethernet protocol conformance test


Test management software is a test process management system based on the B/S structure, including 9 functions such as project (vehicle) management, demand management, test management, parameter configuration, sample management, plan management, report management, defect management and system settings. It is used for test content configuration, test execution management, test report management and data analysis, etc., to realize the tracking of test data during the entire project development cycle of test samples, and to provide system solutions for test project management.



Service advantage

  • 11 years of experience in network automation test system development.
  • 19 years of experience in projects of vehicle network development and testing .
  • More than 50 successful cases of network automation test systems, customers such as FAW, SAIC, BAIC, Geely, GAC NIO, etc.
  • More than 70 bus technical engineers.
  • Professional software and hardware development team.
The network automation test system
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