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Intelligent Optimization Scheme for Container Yard Planning

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The container storage yard is a limited space resource of container terminal. The yard space allocation is directly related to the working efficiency of terminal, and it is the core problem of the container terminal management. A scientific and reasonable storage yard plan is meaningful to improve the loading and unloading efficiency, to balance the equipment workload and to reduce the operation cost. The traditional manual way cannot fulfill many constraints and dynamic real-time planning, and it is difficult to realize the global optimization.

The intelligent optimization solution for container yard planning is based on the existing Terminal Operation System (TOS). First, it sets up the data interface with the terminal operation system, and reads the information of yard structure, yard storage status, vessels in port and so on. Then, according to the specific scenarios such as unloading, loading, gate-in or gate-out, the solution takes the balance between the workload of each block, avoidance of operation conflict, reduction of turnover rate and operation cost as the objectives, builds and resolves the operational research (OR) model of the yard planning with consideration of various constraints and principles. The intelligent optimization scheme for container yard planning supports different positioning strategies, optimizes the storage status of the yard, improves the utilization rate of the yard space resources with improvement of the overall operational efficiency. It can provide a solid foundation for the container terminal to transform from informatization to intellectualization.

The operational scenario of the yard plan


Advantages of the solution

  • The OR model is customized for specified scenarios and objectives according to the requirements of customers, and various limitation in real scenarios are fully considered.
  • The Objectives and constraints are decoupled between different stages, which can be flexibly adjusted and rapidly iterated as needed.
  • This scheme is deployed in the existing information environment and can interact with the existing terminal operation system without increasing the cost of data collection.
  • This scheme has built-in evaluation model for quantitative comparison and evaluation of manual plans and optimization plans.
  • High efficiency and can handle problems of more than 1000 containers for each time. High efficiency and can handle deal with problems of more than 1000 containers for each time.


The framework of the OR model for yard planning


The intelligent optimization solution for yard planning can help customers allocate equipment resources more reasonable, improving the overall efficiency, and reducing the operation cost. Similar optimization method framework can be applied to ship berth allocation, truck scheduling and other scenarios as a key point to improve the level of terminal intelligence.


Intelligent Optimization Scheme for Container Yard Planning
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