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Vehicle to Everything (V2X) System

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Vehicle to Everything (V2X) leverages advanced communication and next-generation loT technologies to enable the real time information exchange between Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I), Vehicle-to-Pedestrians (V2P) and Vehicle-to-Network (V2N), which supports vehicle proactively safety control and vehicle-road synergy based on dynamic traffic information acquisition and fusion. Finally, V2X can improve traffic safety and traffic efficiency, thus forming a safe, efficient, and environmental traffic system.
In V2X technology, roadside equipment is the main contributor of road information and is mainly responsible for perception and communication. Through the sensors, such as Lidar, millimeter wave radar and camera, roadside equipment detects and monitors the vehicles and pedestrians in its scope and broadcasts the obstacle information to the nearby vehicles. In areas with complex traffic situations, such as intersections and winding mountain road, it can effectively expand the sensing range of the vehicles, thereby reducing the risks of traffic accidents.



Intelligent Roadside Perception and Communication System 
Intelligent roadside perception system is a significant part of vehicle-road synergy which requires data collection and processing from multiple sensors. Along with the intellectualized upgrade of traditional infrastructure, Hirain can offer the completed solution of perception, computation, vehicle-road-network communication, and information storage which could be applied to multi-stage deployment and collaborative scheduling for scale testing and validation.


  •  Fusion Perception Unit

Roadside perception system sends image and point cloud data collected from visual camera, millimeter wave radar and lidar that installed on roadside to mobile edge computing unit (MEC) in real time. The MEC filters the raw data of the sensors, aligns timestamps, and performs fusion, then it inferences the target object of traffic participants, including position, velocity, and direction, etc. to form a local perception.
The Fusion Perception Unit, a new self-developed system by Hirain as part of V2X road system, it is new generation product which integrate all sensor in same equipment,compare to other competitor product which all sensors are installed seperately, the FPU include several sensors like Lidar and Ridar, camer, HPC( high performances computer) in same equipment and all sensors use same axis installed in the poll. The FPU is easy for maintenances and avoid the callibrations of each sensor, highly improved efficiency and low effort of callirbration. And also FPU can support self-cleaning for Lidar to avoid manual clean up since Lidar is required to clean up very frequently. To sum up, the FPU system can reduce human cost for maintances and installation, also high performances for data collection and data analysis.


C-V2X Communication System

  •  Roadside Unit

Roadside unit (RSU) transmits the related information of service, traffic safety, traffic efficiency and autonomous driving to the network and the vehicles, to achieve the full-connection link and the effective information interaction between people, vehicles, roads, and network.

Hirain RSU Specification:

 Operating temperature: -40~85℃,passive cooling
 Waterproof Capability: IP67, waterproof, dustproof, salt-spray proof
 Communication Function: 4G/5G, C-V2X, WLAN, GPS
 Safety Function: Supports secure chip and Trustzone technology, supports secure boot and programming, support network security technologies such as firewalls.
 V2X protocol stack: self-developed V2X protocol stack


  • On-board Unit

On-board unit (OBU) interacts with vehicle, road and network based on Uu interface and PC5 protocols, and functions in varies V2X application scenarios by using road, traffic, incidence, vehicle information, and provides services to assistant and autonomous driving at the same time.


V2X leverage the wireless and edge computing technology and Lirar, MMW radar technology from data collection on real time and AI object detection on point cloud and image processing, data transiting to cloud by RSU. V2X system can improve safety and efficiency of autonomous vehicle and traffic.

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