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Service-Oriented Architecture Design of Autonomous Driving Vehicle

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With the continuous improvement of intelligentization, informatization, electrification and servitization on vehicle industry, the development mode of vehicle E/E architecture (EEA) has encountered huge challenges. Now in the next generation E/E architecture on connected intelligent vehicle, it is necessary to change the development method, from traditional “Functions Integration as center” to “Services Deployment as center”. With years of technological accumulation and engineering experience, Hirain has developed solutions for autonomous driving fleet and even the whole operation system with sustainable integration, flexible configuration, and continuous upgrading by using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) design ideas and concepts, which can help customers to achieve fully automated operation in enclosed areas.


Introduction of SOA Design for Autonomous Driving Vehicle

To satisfy the requirements of different business service scenarios, Hirain continuously explores the EEA design mode of autonomous driving vehicles based on SOA. The key technologies in SOA mainly include:

  • Development process and method in SOA
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) platform development
  • Zone/domain controller development
  • High-speed and flexible in-vehicle communication system design
  • Development and application of basic software platform
  • Multi-sensors fusion and AI technologies application
  • Vehicle functional safety (FuSa) design
  • Vehicle cyber security (CySe) design
  • Over the Air (OTA) technology application
  •  Lifecycle management of applications and services
  •  Intelligent analysis and data mining for vehicle and operation
  •  Verification and validation (V&V) of new SOA models
  • Construction of SOA tool chains.



Benefit from the practice of smart port operation projects and consulting experience in lots of OEMs’ new SOA models, Hirain can provide systematic solutions of all above key technologies.


Introduce operation system solution

To satisfy the requirements of customers operating in enclosed areas, Hirain has led the development of operation system, which mainly include operation management system, autonomous driving fleet, remote driving system, remote diagnosis system, data analysis system, OTA System, digital twin system and business interface system. Through servitized and modularized design, also coordinate between these systems, the operation system can achieve automated execution of the tasks according to operational requirements




Take automatic operation in container port as an example, this system can achieve:

  • Automated task analysis
  • Intelligent scheduling for autonomous driving fleet
  • Automated task execution of autonomous driving fleet
  • Remote monitoring and take-over of vehicle in abnormal scenarios
  • Unique system safety and security solutions to provide layer-depended protection
  • Application of intelligent V2X technologies (including V2I, V2V, etc.)
  • Remote diagnosis and predictive warning for autonomous driving fleet
  • Automated analysis and Kanban of operation data
  • Strategy optimization based on Digital Twin Technology
  • Continuous upgrading of function for fleet and vehicle based on OTA


The Application of SOA in automotive EEA development now is in beginning phase. Compared with the traditional mode, SOA has obvious advantages in development efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. Many OEMs are trying hard to explore and apply SOA during the development of new vehicle models.

Hirain has been deeply engaged in autonomous driving for many years, and actively reformed in response to the enclosed-area operation solutions. Beside practicing SOA in the EEA development of autonomous driving vehicles, HiRain has also applied it to the construction of whole operation system. This kind of engineering practices based on SOA have been proved to be effective. But it’s truly clear that such an operation system architecture development is an extremely hard task because of high technical and managerial complexity. So, these technologies are far from stable and mature. Hirain will work hard with our partners together to provide better system solutions and continue to create more value for customers.


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