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Functional Safety and Security Solutions

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Intelligent vehicles with ADAS or L4 functions have gradually developed from research stage to large-scale application. Autonomous driving vehicles not only meet complex functional requirements and operation scenarios, but also need to have sufficient reliable functional safety and security design, to reduce the risk of personal injury and property loss caused by E / E system failure or hacker attacks.
Hirain's safety& security solutions systematically analyze the operation scenarios and boundaries of autonomous driving vehicles, assess the personal and property risks caused by the failure or hacker attacks, and formulate overall safety& security goals. Hirain provides in-depth safety& security design scheme for autonomous driving vehicles, and adopts multiple-layer safety& security design, including E/E architecture, network topology and single ECU safety& security design, to improve the safety& security of autonomous driving vehicles.


Functional safety solution service

  • Top level architecture safety design meeting fail-operating

 Area specific driverless design.
 Replace the safety personnel in the vehicle to realize the takeover of the abnormal vehicle.
 Realize full-link redundancy of perception& control& execution.
 Redundant design covering power supply and communication links.
 Ensure that the autonomous vehicle can detect the faults in time and activate the backup link to continue controlling the vehicle.
 Ensure that in case of single-point failure or common cause failure, the autonomous vehicle is still in control.




  • Development of functional safety requirements for L4 vehicles

        Based on the operation requirements of autonomous driving vehicles, evaluate the failure risk, define the safety requirements of the whole vehicle and ECUs, and then decompose the safety requirements of the whole vehicles from top to bottom to ensure the consistency of safety requirements.

 Operation scenario Library development: summarize and expand the operation scenario library of autonomous driving vehicles.

 Item Definition: define the operation requirements, functional boundaries and system interaction of autonomous driving vehicles.

 Hazard analysis and risk assessment: assess the hazards and risks of vehicle failures, and define the top-level safety goals.

 Functional safety concept: define and allocate the safety requirements of various components in combination with system architecture design.

  • ECU functional safety development

 Undertake the functional safety requirements from vehicle level.

 Develop software architecture and hardware architecture scheme to meet functional safety requirements.

 Meet the requirements of hardware failure rate, development process and method of ISO26262.

 A bottom-up approach to implement the functional safety requirements at all levels.

  • Features of Hirain functional safety solution

 Develop and design safety requirements for high-level intelligent driving function.

 Based on the functions of the whole vehicle, systematically carry out the coordination and distribution of safety requirements.

 Interactive develop safety requirements and functional requirements to ensure the consistency.

 Improve the overall safety of autonomous vehicles through the safety design of requirements design, system design and component design stage.


Security solution services

  • In-depth protection solution for security

        Security analysis for the functions of autonomous driving vehicles.
 Item Definition: detailed data flow diagram to clarify the logic and boundary of the evaluated object.
 Threat analysis and risk assessment: use the STRIDE method to comprehensively assess the types of asset threats, vulnerability of whole vehicle, and clarify security requirements of the vehicle and ECUs.
        Deploy security measures at multiple levels to defend against hacker attacks.

 Vehicle-Cloud Security: vehicle-cloud security communication, mutual authentication, and real-time monitoring of vehicle security status in the cloud.
 On-board network security: detect the connection status of the external port of the vehicle, defend against malicious attacks on the external port and on-board network, record and report them in time.
 ECU security: improve ECU protection capability and prevent illegal tampering and DOS attack.



  • IDPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System) + SIEM

  Various intrusion forms such as message injection, anomaly diagnosis, DOS and port scanning of on-board CAN and Ethernet.

  Millisecond-level identification and suppression of cyber attacks and timely defense the impact of hacker attacks.

 Real-time reporting of attacking status to the cloud for remote monitoring and configuration management.



  • Features of Hirain security solution

  In-depth defensing against multiple network security attacks from cloud servers, communication links and vehicles.
 Real-time monitoring and reporting of abnormal attacks to improve the overall security of autonomous fleet.





Hirain can provide the whole functional safety and security solutions for autonomous driving vehicles and incorporate the solutions into the development of vehicle EEA, the definition of system requirements and the implementation of ECU functions. And Hirain has validated the solutions in the port automatic operation projects. 
Moreover, the complexity of the actual operating conditions and application scenarios of automatic driving is much higher than the existing public cognition. Hirain will continuously verify and iterate the safety& security design of automatic driving vehicles based on the port automatic operation projects and provide customers with high-quality vehicle safety& security solutions. 

Functional Safety
Security Solutions
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