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A New Generation of Virtual Driving Simulation Platform

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With the improvement of the functions of the intelligent driving system, there are more and more interactive functions between the driver and the intelligent driving system, and the complexity of the test is getting higher and higher. HiRain Technologies’s newly launched virtual driving simulation platform can provide realistic virtual driving scenes, real cockpit environment, and dynamic driving experience in a laboratory environment, it can achieve a highly immersive driving experience and satisfy interaction function test requirements between driver behavior and intelligence driving system.


Driving Simulator Solution 



Product Composition

  • Virtual cockpit, including steering wheel, pedals, gears and other components, used for direct input of driver actions
  • Scene simulation software, used to simulate realistic driving scenes
  • Vehicle dynamics model, used to simulate vehicle dynamics and motion attitude
  • Six-degree-of-freedom motion platform for simulating dynamic driving experience
  • Intelligent driving soft control algorithm, used to simulate intelligent driving logic function


Product Features

  • Provide a real-time simulation environment through a high-performance simulation platform to ensure that the driver’s somatosensory and visual feedback is not delayed
  • Provide complex vehicle dynamics simulation software to achieve accurate vehicle attitude simulation including pitch, roll, yaw, bump, etc., and can perform vehicle driving performance experience and evaluation in the early stage of vehicle development
  • Provide high-fidelity virtual scene simulation software, which can provide high-fidelity virtual driving scenes with complex traffic flow. It can be used for the collection of natural driving behaviors of human drivers in complex traffic flow, and apply it to unmanned driving algorithm training
  • The virtual driving simulation platform supports co-simulation with the unmanned simulation test system to test the influence of driver behavior intervention on the driverless function or subjective evaluation of the control effect of the driverless vehicle
  • The virtual driving simulation platform can be associated with traffic participants to realize the game between human drivers and the unmanned driving system (for example, when a human is driving on and off the ramp  that jumps in line and interact with the unmanned driving system), resulting in a more realistic Traffic disturbance
  • Provides an extensible human factor efficacy evaluation system in unmanned driving, which is used to analyze human physiological characteristics and behavioral responses in unmanned vehicles, and evaluate the impact of unmanned driving systems on occupants
  • The virtual driving simulation cockpit can be modified based on the real car to achieve a realistic experience environment, and it can also be developed based on user needs to customize the shape to meet the needs of different users
  • Provide a six-degree-of-freedom motion platform, and cooperate with the wash-out algorithm to simulate the body feel of a real car, so that the driver has a more realistic sense of immersion
  • Provide realistic pedal feel simulation and steering wheel feel simulation



  • Chang’an in-drive driving simulator development project
  • BAIC BJEV simulated real vehicle test project
  • Passenger car intelligent driving technology company
  • A commercial vehicle intelligent driving technology company

A New Generation of Virtual Driving Simulation Platform
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