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HiL Test Solutions for New Energy Vehicle

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Hirain is rooted in the V-Process development and testing technology of modern electronic control system, and with nearly two decades of simulation test development experience, Hirain launched the HIRAIN TESTBASE-VVE (Virtual Vehicle Engineering) test platform, which can provide a comprehensive testing and verification environment for controller bottom and application layer software development, auto parts and vehicle integration testing. This can make testing more efficient and sufficient, and make it possible to balance cost control and product quality.



Vehicle controller simulation test

  • Application Area

   Test and verification of vehicle controllers for pure electric vehicles, 48-volt systems, Hybrid vehicle.

   Test and verification of vehicle controllers for conventional commercial vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles.

  • Functional features

   A fully functional new energy basic vehicle module library, which can build a vehicle of any new energy configuration.

   Comprehensive testing support: logic functions, bus communication, bottom drive, fault diagnosis, etc.

   Support verification of energy management, torque distribution, thermal management, safety management, anti-theft, etc.

   Rich and standard I / O interfaces can quickly build the simulation test environment of the controller.



Battery management system Simulation test

  • Application Area

   Simulation of high-voltage battery systems in different fields such as new energy vehicles, electric bicycles and motorcycles, energy storage, power stations, fuel cells, etc.
   Battery simulation like ternary lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery, lead-acid, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, etc.


  • Functional features

   High speed bus communication and high-performance power simulation unit are adopted to realize the dynamic performance simulation of single cell with high precision (within 1mV) and low delay (within 100 ms).

   Function test: active balancing, passive balancing, pre-charge control, insulation monitoring, thermal management, SOC / SOH / SOP estimation .

   High-Voltage fault simulation: relay normally open and adhesion, safety fuse and high-voltage interlock open circuit, etc.

   Support AC/DC charging and related fault simulation of national standard GB/T 27930-2011, GB/T 27930-2015, European standard DIN70121 and American Standard SAEJ1772.

   CAN and SPI daisy chain communication between master and slave are both can be simulated.

   High-order battery model accurately can simulate open circuit voltage, transient ohm polarization, electrochemical polarization and concentration polarization.



Motor controller simulation test

  • Application Area

   High-precision and high-speed of motor and inverter simulation
   Permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM)、Brushless DC motor(BLDC)
   AC asynchronous motor(DFIG、DFIM、SQIG、SQIM)
   Switched reluctance motor (SRM)
   H-bridge drive, three-phase or six-phase motor
   Resolver, TTL, phase current, hall encoder


  • Function Features

  High-speed simulation based on FPGA, support mathematical model and finite element model simulation.
   Support constant parameter and variable parameter simulation, and online tuning is allowed.
   Support inverter and winding electrical faults: open circuit, short circuit, etc.
   Support initial angle, phase sequence, rotary transformer, phase current, phase and other fault injection.
   Support four-quadrant simulation, field weakening, dead zone, torque and speed closed loop verification.
  Support vehicle acceleration and deceleration simulation and network communication function test.

Hirain provides a HIL test solution for new energy controllers, and each controller can be tested independently or integratedly. By expanding the dynamometer testbench, power supply and load of power stage , it can also realize the integrated function and performance verification of electric drive system, and the test and verification of OBC, DC/DC and others involving high-power electronic control system.
At present, many domestic automotive OEMs and parts suppliers have established their own new energy electronic control test laboratories with the support of Hirain and have carried out a lot of test work with these equipment, which not only saves the test time and test cost, but also improves the reliability of products while shortening the product development cycle.

HiL Test Solutions for New Energy Vehicle
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