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Hirain ADAS products challenge the monopoly position of international Tier1, with a share of 16.7% in the independent brand passenger car market, ranking second in the market!

发布时间:2021-08-27 11:11

4、Assembly quantity and assembly rate of front view system of top 10 models of domestic independent brands in 2020




In terms of suppliers, in the domestic passenger car market, in 2020, international leaders such as electric decoration, Bosch, conti and APTIV monopolized more than 90% of the forward-looking system, and only hirain was shortlisted in the top 10, with a market share of 3.6%. In the independent brand passenger car market, the market share of TOP4 exceeded 80% in 2020, of which Bosch accounted for 43.3%, in a leading position; Hirain accounted for 16.7%, ranking second.


Hirain was founded in 2003. Its main products include forward-looking system, 77GHz millimeter wave radar, ADAS controller, driver monitoring system, automatic parking system, T-box, etc. Among them, the forward-looking active safety camera is a driving aid product developed by hirain integrating Mobileye technology. Passenger car customers mainly include FAW Hongqi, SAIC Maxus, FAW Pentium, SAIC Roewe, Geely, JMC and JAC. In the field of commercial vehicles, the main customers are FAW Jiefang, China heavy truck and Shaanxi heavy truck.


According to the data provided by the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of communications, by the end of 2020, there were 795 LDW freight cars (traction vehicles) supplied by hirain, ranking first.


5、 Market share of domestic passenger car forward-looking system suppliers in 2020




Source: zoth Automotive Research