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The main structure of hirain Tianjin R & D center project is capped!

发布时间:2021-08-27 13:37

In the early morning of August 17, with the completion of the last concrete pouring, the main structure of Jingwei Hengrun Tianjin R & D center project was officially capped!


The project is located in the science and technology business district of Tianjin South Railway Station in Zhangjiawo Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin, adjacent to Tianjin South Railway Station of Beijing Shanghai high speed railway. It is developed and invested by Hirain, covering an area of 19863.1 square meters, with a total construction area of more than 70000 square meters. It has an excellent geographical environment and location!

The project is composed of main building, experimental building, complex building and underground garage, including 11 floors of main building, 5 floors of experimental building and 4 floors of complex building. It will be used for R & D experiments such as enterprise new energy and intelligent network technology, automotive electronics development, intelligent network evaluation, high-level intelligent driving system development, etc. Build the Tianjin Branch of the Central Research Institute of the enterprise around the fields of automotive electronics, advanced equipment, rail transit and intelligent network connection. In addition, the project will also provide comfortable supporting facilities and services for thousands of R & D personnel working here.




记者:马晓熹 张禹昊