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Hirain joins China Port Association!

发布时间:2021-08-27 11:03

Recently, hirain officially joined the China Port Association and became its member unit after being reviewed by the Secretariat of the China Port Association and approved by the association!


Hirain has been deeply engaged in the field of smart port construction, deeply participated in the construction of 5g smart ports such as Tangshan port and Rizhao Port, and provided intelligent and information system construction such as L4 automatic driving fleet and operation management system of container and bulk cargo terminal, 5g vehicle networking landing application, v2x vehicle road coordination and so on. Joining the China Port Association this time marks the association's recognition of hirain's existing achievements in the port field and its expectation of further increasing R & D investment to serve the port demand. At the same time, it also provides hirain with a platform for in-depth communication with peers in the industry.



• About China Port Association

China Port Association is the only national industry association in China's port industry approved by the Ministry of civil affairs of the people's Republic of China. It is a cross regional and cross sectoral non-profit social group voluntarily composed of enterprises and institutions in the national port industry and related to the port industry. In 2016, China Port Association was rated as the national "4A" industry association by the Ministry of civil affairs.


• About Hirain port business

 As one of the few local automotive electronic system suppliers that can realize the integrated layout of intelligent driving L1 to L4 solutions and supporting products, Hirain, together with vehicle manufacturers and operators, contributes to the construction of 5G smart port and provides L4 level automatic driving and dispatching operation management system. The products and operation schemes cover horizontal transport vehicles at container terminals, horizontal transport vehicles at bulk cargo terminals Road sweeper, plant logistics vehicle, passenger shuttle and other application scenarios.