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OTA Software Upgrade Management System

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OTA (Over-the-Air Technology) is used to remotely upgrade the software in the vehicle by way of over-the-air download. Hirain OTA software upgrade management system has independent intellectual property rights. Based on software architecture, application architecture, business architecture and technical architecture, it provides a complete function of OTA solution for the vehicle, and full package of functions such as system updates, software upgrades, function iterations, and security vulnerability repairs efficiently and reliably. In all, it supports firmware upgrade (FOTA) and application upgrade (SOTA). Based on the advanced differential algorithms and streaming upgrade methods, it greatly reduces upgrade traffic and upgrade time consumption, and saves costs while satisfying the requirements of various upgrade scenarios such as chassis domain, body control domain, power domain, auto-driving domain, and infotainment domain.


Technical Advantages

  •  Superior Characteristic

 Independent and reliable. Domestic independent intellectual property rights. Control multiple core algorithms.
 Safe and reliable. Complete upgrade rollback mechanism. Multiple security encryption mechanisms. real-time diagnosis remotely.
 Flexible architecture. OTA solution is decoupled with diagnosis protocol on vehicles network in protocol base standard method or ETH specified method. 



OTA vehicle System

  • Architectural Characteristics

  Modular design which can be flexibly adapted to different E/E requirements.
  Decoupling between vehicle-end software and operating system or hardware architecture makes it easy to adapt to new models.
 The architecture can be flexibly deployed to various high, medium and low-end ECUs (Can/CanFD, Ethernet, Lin).
 Support multiple communication protocols (REST, MQTT, OMA, Proprietary protocols).
 Support multiple upgrade methods (DoCan, DoIP, SomeIP, Proprietary protocols of TCP).


  • Function Characteristics

 Efficient upgrade in low memory usage and CPU workload.
 Support full package and delta package. 
 Streaming and block upgrade is available.
 Support multiple data source (Cloud, USB, Mobile phone, Diagnostic instrument, etc.), and perform parallel upgrade of multiple ECUs.
  Can integrate with the software tool stack of ECU (Watchdog, Persistence, Diagnosis, IPC, etc.).
 Support full upgrade, differential upgrade, A/B upgrade,  streaming upgrade and incremental upgrade.
 Differential block size is configurable. Support In-place differential restoration, A/B differential restoration.



OTA Cloud System

  • Microservice architecture based on SpringBoot and Kubernetes, has achieved high cohesion and loose coupling.

    Support multiple communication protocols (REST, MQTT, OMA, Proprietary protocols).

    Apply distributed file system.
    Front-end componentized display based on Angular and Vue framework.
    Adopt Docker-based container virtualization technology.
    Support single instance deployment based on docker-compose.
    Support cluster deployment based on Kubernetes which can be flexibly expanded.
    The platform system is highly available, high-performance, scalable, and monitorable.




  • Function Characteristics

    Independent differential system and differential tools to satisfy the differential upgrade requirements of different levels.
    The differential system supports multiple compression algorithms, supports all binary formats, and supports large file differentials.
    Provide complete vehicle basic data management, hardware, software, and software version management.
    Support the signature of the upgrade image files. Support the encryption and signature of the upgrade packages.
    Integrate with OEM and other third-party systems through encrypted REST API.
    Flexible scheduling and management of upgrade campaigns. Support simultaneous upgrade of multiple ECUs. Support upgrade reports.
    Event and statistics display. Support key event export function.
    Support manual and automatic upgrade success rate threshold control to realize the suspension and resumption of upgrade tasks.
    Apply the approval process to manage software versions and upgrade campaigns.
    Support the suspension and resumption of upgrade tasks.



Communication and Information Security

  • Function Characteristics

    Two-way authentication and secure communication based on HTTPS.
    Support vehicle access authentication and vehicle cloud communication protocol authentication.
    Upgrade data package encrypted transmission.
    Integrate symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms.
    Apply key management system. Support digital signature and verification.
    Support the signature and signature verification of software image files. Support the encrypted transmission and signature verification of upgrade packages.


With the rapid development of smart sensor technology, 5G technology, artificial intelligence technology, big data, and other technologies, under the background of the era of software defined automobile, the role of OTA is becoming more and more important. Currently, Hirain has signed a cooperation agreement with domestic vehicle manufacturers to jointly develop and apply OTA software upgrade management system. Hirain OTA system has also been implemented in the construction of intelligent ports and unmanned mining areas. In the future, Hirain development team will further realize the integrated solution of OTA+ intelligent diagnosis.

OTA Software Upgrade Management System
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