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Digit Twin System

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Digital twin technology is a technical means to describe, simulate, verify, predict, and control the whole life cycle process of physical entities based on virtual objects. With the help of historical data, real-time data, and algorithm models, Hirain's digital twin system is a set of digital port solutions developed based on intelligent driving simulation, unmanned port fleet operation, and data platform. Hirain can provide digital twin solutions both for ports or other logistics scenarios as well.
The digital twin system mainly includes three main parts: the object twin system, the 3D visual system and the health management system.

  • Object twin system:

The object twin system is a simulation system that combines all elements, whole links, and data models. The complete virtual port includes the port order system, the TOS system for overall scheduling of the port, the vehicle backend system for fleet scheduling, and twin entities. The twin entities include unmanned trucks, freighters, port machinery and terminal containers. Among them, the unmanned truck contains vehicle dynamics models and intelligent driving algorithms. The virtual port can carry out a complete closed-loop simulation. The whole loop includes from port order to TOS order, and unmanned truck, port machinery with coordination with ship management system, terminal container distribution.
The entire closed loop can be verified in the virtual port as test object, such as the TOS system, fleet scheduling algorithm, and the intelligent driving algorithm.



  • 3D visual system:

The 3D visual system is an animation demonstration based on a graphics rendering engine. Especially for the port environment, the main function includes Open drive high-precision map analysis, visualization of roads and infrastructure, background environment generation, 3D element modeling and 3D element position calibration.
By using the 3D visual system, it can enable virtual port with animation demonstration, animation playback of historical data, and real-time animation display and other functions. 


  • Health management system: 

The health management system is an intelligent solution for handling abnormal situations during the automated port operation. The key parts of the object twin system are built digital twin models based on physical models and historical data, such as unmanned trucks. In the port operation, the health management system can receive real-time truck data uploaded by the truck from the cloud data system, and at the same time, it can also receive the real-time simulation results from truck digital twin models. Based on the above data, the health management system can diagnose, predict, and make decisions on the operating status.

System Features

  • All aspects of the port operation can be developed and verified on the closed-loop simulation platform, with high scene coverage
  •  Modular simulation models for different precisions, can be configurable according to simulation requirements
  •  Supports XIL simulation in different development stages
  • 3D model library based on port environment
  •  Customizable 3D visual presentation scheme
  •  The digital twin solution is not limited to the port environment, but can be extended to other logistics scenarios such as mining areas and industrial areas

User scenario
The digital twin system has been applied to ports, supporting the development and verification of intelligent driving algorithms, fleet scheduling, and TOS systems. Before field trial, simulation verification can be performed to find problems in advance and quickly to improve development efficiency for solution correction iteration. The playback of the 3D visual system provides historical data analysts visually, and the port's real-time animation provides additional monitoring perspectives to assist port operations for more efficiency.


Digit Twin System
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