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Field and Road Test Service of Intelligent Driving Vehicle

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Nowadays, the functions of Intelligent Driving technologies are constantly updated. It is necessary to implement the vehicle test to verify the functional interaction and the stability of the continuous operation of the system. Based on testing environments and different tests, the services can be listed as field test and road test.
HiRain integrates resources of the R&D team, testing team, and experiment team. In addition, we combined the development experiences of intelligent driving products, field tests, road tests, and the development of the ground truth system which can provide customers with test equipment and solutions regarding the whole process of intelligent driving.


Services Item

  • Development of scenario and test case
  • Perform functional and performance testing on site
  • Perform diagnostic functional testing
  • Perform complete C-NCAP/Euro-NCAP regulatory testing
  • Route planning and environment integration for road test
  • Road test implementation and problem analysis
  • Post-processing data analysis of road test and report generation


Our Advantages

  • Field test based on C-NCAP/Euro-NCAP standards and regulations

We can provide complete tests of C-NCAP/Euro-NCAP standards and regulations with a comprehensive score evaluation and in-depth analysis of lost points and provide improvement suggestions on the algorithm testing based on our customer needs.



  • Customized scenario and test case development

We can provide a customized scenario and case development services based on our intelligent driving R&D team’s accumulated testing database, to meet customers’ specific test function requirements. It has high coverage of testing items. Also, it can meet the multi-dimensional test requirements such as functional definition, domestic and international standards and regulations, typical dangerous accidents, and comprehensive abnormal working conditions.



  • Planning of road-testing routes and testing items

Talking about vehicle road test projects, HiRain Technologies is familiar with the topography and landform of most cities and regions in China because of years of road-testing project experience. We plan the road testing and consider the functional test based on the regional characteristics of customers.



  • Data analysis and test evaluation

The vehicle field and road tests can be performed by the H-BOX device developed by HiRain Technologies for data signal acquisition purposes, which is based on ASE to test, analyze, and evaluate automatically. ASE supports the evaluation criteria of customized test development, including standards and regulations, general testing evaluation, special exception evaluation, etc., to meet the requirements of vehicle function and performance evaluation. Test report generation and problem analysis.


  • Test report generation and problem analysis

After the implementation of each round of test in the test project, based on the data analysis results, the test reports can be generated by functions, including test execution information, description of the testing environment, data analysis, and statistics under various working conditions, as well as detailed analysis of significant issues.



Field and Road Test Service of Intelligent Driving Vehicle
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