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Consulting Service For EE Vehicle Test

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Hirain is committed to providing services in the field of electronic and electrical testing for vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers at home and abroad. In recent 10 years, it has provided solutions for electronic and electrical systems and products of hundreds of models, and has accumulated millions of test scenarios and case libraries。The test business includes network communication, fault diagnosis, software model, HIL test, real vehicle function and electrical performance test. The test objects include electronic and electrical systems and components in various functional domains such as intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, power chassis and vehicle networking. The service models include traditional passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, construction machinery and special vehicles。


Test service

  • Covering the whole stage of EEA development

Provide complete services along with vehicle electronic and electrical development V process, and customize test solutions for different test objects。



Test business

  • Software test 

Provide special function and performance test services for ECU software of the whole vehicle, including:

   Software unit/MIL/SIL test

   Software performance test

   App function test

   Programming / modeling specification check


  • Traditional vehicle network test

For all kinds of network communication and diagnosis protocols of the whole vehicle, provide test services based on single components, systems and real vehicles, including:  

   Communication/ Diagnostic/ Network management/BT download test


   E2E/SecOC test


  • On board Ethernet test

The on-board Ethernet test laboratories established in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, combined with rich on-board Ethernet development and test project experience, provide on-board Ethernet test services for ECU, system and real vehicle for various parts suppliers and main engine manufacturers。At the same time, Jingwei Hirain on-board Ethernet test laboratory has passed the on-board Ethernet test house certification of many OEMs such as Great Wall motor, Geely motor, BAIC new energy, Hongqi, etc。
Services include:

    TC8 ECU test service

    OEM on-board Ethernet custom test service

    System bench on-board Ethernet test service

    Real vehicle on-board Ethernet test service


  • Intelligent cabin system test

In order to adapt to the new development modes of intelligent cockpit system, such as short development cycle, fast version iteration speed and heavy test tasks, Jingwei Hirain makes full use of automation and other means to improve the efficiency of intelligent cockpit test, and provides the following services:

    Intelligent cockpit full function test case library

   HIL automatic test service of intelligent cockpit system

   OTA system test


  • Power chassis and new energy system test

For power chassis and new energy system, provide test services based on simulation environment and real vehicle, including:

    MIL/HIL/ Real vehicle environment

   Power control and abnormal fault simulation

   System interaction and dynamic performance evaluation



  • Special test of intelligent driving

For intelligent driving system, provide test services based on simulation environment and real vehicle, including:

    Development of test scenario library covering L1-L4 functions

    MIL/SIL/HIL/VIL automated test development

    Actual vehicle site test implementation

    Open road test implementation

    Test scenario collection and data analysis

    Test scenario twin service


  • Vehicle level function test

For the whole vehicle electronic and electrical system, provide test services based on simulation environment and real vehicle, including:

    Functional interaction logic verification of each system of the whole vehicle

    User usage scenario test

    Function abuse and misoperation

    Verify the correctness of real electrical components

    Ensure pre launch vehicle functionality


  • SOA vehicle test

For the next generation SOA architecture model based on central computing unit + regional controller, Hirain also has a complete test solution, and is providing simulation test equipment, test case development, SOA Service interface test, HIL automation, real vehicle function test implementation and other services for domestic vehicle manufacturers。



Application cases

  • 150 + experienced test engineers all over the country, helping to test hundreds of mass-produced models
  • Beijing headquarters + local branches to provide high-quality localization services


Consulting Service For EE Vehicle Test
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