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Remote Driving System for Fleet of Vehicles

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Remote Driving System combines intelligent driving with 4G/5G networks. With remote driving system, the driver can monitor the real time video captured by cameras onboard the vehicle and can drive the vehicle remotely in the control room. Remote driving system is a supplement and safety measure for self-driving system and takes over the vehicle in some extreme or extraordinary circumstances, supports operations and testing of the fleet of self-driving vehicles. Remote driving system can also be used in some special scenarios, e.g., some worse or dangerous circumstances that are difficult to reach for drivers. Remote Driving System from Hirain provides end-to-end solution including hardware and software.

Key Components
Remote Driving System consists of three subsystems: onboard system, cloud system, and remote-control station.

  • Onboard system: Onboard system consists of cameras, vehicle control unit, video processing unit, and communication unit. The video processing unit compresses several channels of video captured by cameras around the vehicle and transfers the video to remote-control station by communication unit. Vehicle control unit receives commands from remote-control station and controls the movements of the vehicle. Algorithms in vehicle control unit provide multiple protecting strategies including speed limit and brake, etc.



  • Cloud system: Cloud systems send commands for remote driving and schedules of the take-over tasks. With the help of scheduling, one remote control station can take over multiple vehicles. Service scenarios are designed according to operations of vehicles, includes different strategies for taking over of single vehicle and fleet scheduling. Except for tasks from the scheduler of the cloud system, remote driver can take over the vehicle whenever he thinks it is necessary according to the video from the vehicle, the status of the vehicle and operation tasks.


  • Remote control station: Remote control station consists of driving kit, displays, remote control computer and emergency stop. Remote control station receives video streams from vehicles, decodes and displays them on the displays. Video distortion correction and stitching are made to the images for a better view for the remote driver before video display. The remote driver controls the vehicle by driving kit remotely. There is a separate communication link for emergency stop button on remote control station for stopping the vehicle in urgent circumstances, even when the 5G network fails.



Solution advantage

  •  Network communication based on MEC, low latency
  •  Automotive grade controllers can fit in many scenarios
  •  Custom video transfer system
  •  Safety vehicle control algorithms in operation
  •  Cloud scheduling, multiple vehicles taking over
  •  Video and log automatic recording
  •  Separate and dedicated communication link for emergency stop, keep safety of vehicle and people
  • Remote control of both commercial and passenger vehicle


User Scenario 
Remote driving system for fleet of vehicles have been deployed in the port for daily operation, with multiple remote-control stations serving multiple self-driving vehicles. Remote driving system is a strong supplement to the self-driving fleet of vehicles and terminal operation system, provides solutions to the fleet in extreme or adverse circumstances, extends the operational scenarios, and improves the working efficiency.


Remote Driving System for Fleet of Vehicles
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