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Intelligent driving and intelligent connected automotive electronics

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Hirain’s intelligent driving solution adopts vehicle-grade domain controller as the core brain of intelligent driving, self-developed vehicle-grade sensors as the environment sensing solution, and mature wire-controlled vehicles as the basic platform, expecting to provide customers with a mature, safe, and reliable intelligent driving system. In particular, intelligent driving domain controller, intelligent camera, millimeter wave radar, intelligent gateway, Tbox, high precision map and positioning system are all developed independently by Hirain.




Domain Controller for Intelligent Driving
The Domain Controller for Intelligent Driving is an integrated high-performance computing unit designed and developed by Hirain. It is designed for intelligent driving needs, creating a specialized, mass-production-ready vehicle-grade intelligent driving computing center for users. Based on this hardware platform, we can provide customers with self-developed intelligent driving functions, or integration services for third-party developed functions, and customize efficient and flexible system-level intelligent driving solutions for customers. (Click for more details about the product)




Intelligent Camera
The Forward Active Safety Camera (FAS-Cam) is a cost-effective, multi-functional and highly integrated driver assistance product designed and developed by Hirain. To meet the requirements of driving assistance functions (SAE J3016) up to L2, we can integrate self-developed ADAS functions based on this product and provide mass production ADAS solutions. (Click for more details about the product).




Millimeter-wave radar
The millimeter wave radar products developed by Hirain include front-view mid-range millimeter wave radar (MRR), short millimeter wave radar (SRR) and vehicle occupant detection millimeter wave radar (VODR), the installation position and field of view of each are shown in Figure 1, and the corresponding appearance and dimensions are shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3: (Click for more details of the products)

  • MRR is placed directly in front of the body and is used to detect and parameterize obstacles in the target area, track and identify the type of target, supporting FCW, AEB, ACC and other functions of L2 and above intelligent driving systems.
  • SRR is placed at the corners of the vehicle and is able to detect and parameterize obstacles in the target area, track and identify the target type, and is mainly used to support LCA, CTA and other functions of L2 and above intelligent driving systems.
  • The VODR is installed on the top of the B-pillar or under the rearview mirror in the car to automatically detect the environment inside the car when the driver leaves and locks the car, and to alert the car owner if a person or pet is left inside the car by sound and light alarm or remote alarm in time to prevent tragedies.



Intelligent Gateway Controller
The intelligent gateway controller is the core component in the electrical and electronic architecture of the vehicle. As the data interaction hub of the vehicle network, it can route CAN, LIN, MOST, FlexRay, Ethernet and other network data in different networks. In addition, the design of the vehicle electrical and electronic architecture can be more optimized due to the existence of a stand-alone gateway controller, through which the vehicle manufacturer can improve the scalability of the vehicle topology, the security of the vehicle, and the confidentiality of the vehicle network data. Therefore, the gateway controller has increasingly become an indispensable and important part of the vehicle electrical and electronic architecture. (Click for more product details)


Hirain is firmly rooted in Telematics, and its core mainstream Telematics products are 4G-TBOX series, which is a wireless gateway providing data collection, fault monitoring, remote control (unlocking, air conditioning control, engine start), remote positioning, hotspot sharing, voice, digital key, OTA and other services. (Click for more product details)




High-precision maps and positioning systems
The high-precision map and positioning system mainly achieve the following functions: road-level positioning, to accurately identify whether the vehicle is on the highway or not, and to support automatic driving functions; to accurately and continuously provide road information; and the system has DOTA and FOTA functions. (Click for more details about the product)

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