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CAN(FD)/LIN Network Development Consulting Service

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With the advent of the era of automotive intelligent networking, the in-vehicle network system not only needs to provide shared information channels, save wiring harnesses for the entire vehicle, reduce costs, but also be able to carry more functions. Core technologies such as intelligent driving, Internet of Vehicles, OTA, functional safety, and information security put forward higher requirements for in-vehicle network communication. At present, the mainstream vehicle network platform is a hybrid architecture of multi-segment and multi-bus types. The bus type involves CAN/LIN/CANFD/FlexRay/Ethernet. In the vehicle development process, whether it is multi-segment cooperative sleep and wake-up logic, multi-bus Types, routing design, multi-bus network time analysis, functional safety E2E requirements, information security SecOC requirements, or Ethernet-based SOA design, all put forward more requirements on the network design capabilities of OEMs. At the same time, the test technology of the new bus (CANFD/FlexRay/Ethernet) is an important means to ensure the quality of the vehicle model, and it is also an ability that the OEMs’ network platform needs to focus on.
Hirain has been involved in bus technology since 2002. Whether it is traditional CAN/LIN bus or new CANFD/FlexRay/Ethernet, we have in-depth technical research and project experience accumulation, and are committed to providing customers with high value-added services.


Figure: Typical network topology of a passenger car


Service Content

  • CAN/LIN/CANFD/FlexRay/Ethernet network requirement specification development based on network platform
  • SecOC requirement specification/E2E requirement specification/PN requirement specification development based on network platform
  • Vehicle communication system design based on vehicle type (CAN/LIN/CANFD/FlexRay/Ethernet)
  • Vehicle PN (Partial Network) network system design based on vehicle type
  • Vehicle diagnosis system design based on vehicle type (CAN/LIN/CANFD/ FlexRay/Ethernet)
  • Vehicle network time analysis and optimization based on vehicle type
  • CAN/LIN/CANFD/FlexRay/Ethernet bus network platform test specification and script development
  • Test implementation of specific vehicle type based on the bus network platform


Service advantage

  • 19 years of bus technology accumulation
  • More than 100 network system development projects to build network platforms and test implementations for OEMs. Customers like FAW, SAIC, Geely, Great Wall, DFAC, BAIC, CCAG, GAC, WM, JMC, JAC, etc.
  • More than 30 protocol stack development and integration projects, serving customers such as FAW, DFAC, SAIC, etc.
  • More than 70 bus technical engineers
  • More than 300 bus technology lectures, with more than 2,000 participants
  • Mature bus development process, complete system solution
  • Rich experience in the development of automotive electronic control systems
CAN(FD)/LIN Network Development Consulting Service
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