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Hirain third generation heavy duty automatic driving flatbed car

发布时间:2024-05-17 17:50

With the acceleration of unmanned driving in closed sites and trunk road scenarios, ports, as the pioneer of unmanned operation, the complexity and particularity of their scenarios pose various challenges to unmanned operation technology. As a driverless solution provider, Hirain has witnessed the port's attempts and development in unmanned operation, and has been deeply involved in the delivery of relevant technologies and products in important ports such as Rizhao Port, Longgong Port and Jingtang Port. In order to meet the challenges of port unmanned operation in the substantive landing process, Hirain has upgraded a new generation of heavy-duty autonomous flatbed vehicles with the help of its own deep accumulation and practice in the field of unmanned driving.


At present, Hirain third-generation heavy-duty autonomous flatbed vehicle has delivered 4 units for Longgong Port, helping Longgong Port's annual container throughput exceed 100,000 boxes. At the same time, all 22 heavy-duty autonomous transport vehicles HAV in Tangshan Port have been delivered, and the project has reached the state of "real ship production operation".