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Hirain helps supercar brand Luteus ELETRE to enter the new electric era

发布时间:2022-05-25 09:33

Recently, The British sports car brand Lutus launched its first pure electric Hyper SUV -- Eletre, formally transforming into an electric and intelligent high-performance car brand.

A number of high-tech achievements are applied in the whole vehicle. The active aerodynamics kit commonly used in supercars is applied to mass-produced SUV models, and it leads the new trend with top three-electric system and track-level intelligent driving technology. The whole vehicle is equipped with mass-production-level flip lidar system, which works in collaboration with the rearview mirror outside streaming media, bringing the pure extreme driving passion to more drivers.


Hirain provides intelligent solutions for the Eletre lidar integration system, and has developed and designed a hidden side intelligent sensing system for production vehicles to broaden the perceptual boundaries of intelligent driving. The vehicle side intelligent sensing system integrates the lidar storage mechanism and the lidar cleaning system independently developed by Hirain to meet the all-weather scenarios and demanding aerodynamic requirements of high-performance lidar, helping Eletre explore the limits of performance, space and aesthetics. In addition, Hirain also provides Lotus with active tail controller, seat controller, atmosphere lamp controller and 12V BMS, which can assist the mass production of all-round models.