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Hirain on-board Ethernet test laboratory has passed the qualification certification of Great Wall Motors again

发布时间:2020-10-10 10:19

Recently, hirain on-board Ethernet test laboratory passed the qualification evaluation of Great Wall Motor Technology Center again and obtained the "on-board Ethernet test house recognition certificate".



In the past three years, hirain has had in-depth cooperation with Great Wall Motor in the field of Ethernet Design and testing. After passing the qualification evaluation this time, hirain will provide richer on-board Ethernet testing services for Great Wall Motor parts suppliers and provide quality assurance for many advanced models of great wall motor. The test contents are as follows:

•    100M Ethernet test

•    Gigabit Ethernet test

•    AVB test

•    Great Wall Motors custom protocol test


Tc8 V3.0 standard will be released in the near future. At present, hirain has completed all preparations for tc8 V3.0 test, and has the conditions and test ability to provide high-quality test. We are committed to providing customers with advanced testing services and look forward to cooperating with you!


OPEN TC8 3.0(Layer3-7)


Hirain onboard Ethernet test laboratory