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Hirain has obtained ASIL-D certificate of product functional safety with its own AUTOSAR software

发布时间:2020-10-10 10:06

Recently, the AUTOSAR software product interwork-eas independently developed by hirain successfully passed the review of t Ü V North German group headquarters, obtained ISO26262 product functional safety ASIL-D certificate, and became an AUTOSAR software product with North German product functional safety ASIL-D certification.



Hirain joined AUTOSAR organization in 2009 and is the first member of AUTOSAR software supplier in China. Hirain has more than 10 years of experience in AUTOSAR software development, promotion and project application, and can provide customers with complete AUTOSAR software products and tool chain.


With more and more requirements for AUTOSAR and functional safety in the industry in recent years, the research and development of controller based on a set of AUTOSAR software meeting the functional safety requirements has become a strong demand of many customers. With its profound accumulation in the field of AUTOSAR and functional safety, Jingwei Hengrun has established an R & D process system that meets the functional safety development standards in the process of AUTOSAR software development, formed hundreds of process system documents, and conducted functional safety analysis on dozens of AUTOSAR software and tens of thousands of AUTOSAR requirements one by one, forming product demand analysis, functional safety analysis 680 test and other documents.


Hirain is committed to solving practical problems for customers and helping customers truly implement AUTOSAR and functional security. During the certification process, hirain's AUTOSAR software products have mature functional security solutions in many aspects, such as operating system, communication, memory management, integration with MCAL, tool chain and so on. In the future, hirain will continue to cooperate with professional consulting companies such as North Germany and Rhine to explore the functional security of Ethernet and AUTOSAR adaptive platform, so as to provide customers at home and abroad with better software products and services.